Trauma Physiotherapy

This is a speciality that prevents, treats and cures.

We treat musculoskeletal and postural problems such as tensions and hardenings, luxations, tendinitis, fractures, artificial hips or knees, torn muscles, arthrosis, arthritis etc.

We start our work as soon as possible after a surgical procedure and see the process through to the independence of the patient.

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Techniques to prevent and treat injuries that accompany ageing.

Our treatment helps to reduce pain, restore mobility, improve balance, confidence and your autonomy. Physiotherapy is not just necessary after an accident or in connection with an illness, but a very useful tool to improve the general physical state and helps maintain independence for longer periods of time.

Neurological Physiotherapy

For problems related to movement, posture and balance due to an illness or injury of the nervous system.

Through our treatment, we achieve an improvement in walking ability, more stability, a reduction of spasticity and tremor, a correction of postural and articular deformations, a normalisation of the musculature in cases of hypotonia or hypertonia, as well as an improvement in autonomy and the daily activities. Indicated diseases are: Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, paraplegia, tetraplegia etc.

Preventing Falls

Falls are a frequent phenomenon at older ages and can have serious consequences. We avoid this risk by evaluating the person and designing a tailored exercise program.

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